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Lost in the Noise by Smiley2BSapphire Lost in the Noise :iconsmiley2bsapphire:Smiley2BSapphire 4 0 Aurora Springs by Smiley2BSapphire Aurora Springs :iconsmiley2bsapphire:Smiley2BSapphire 1 0
Love is a Work in Progress - Prologue -
    Life is a mystery for so many people that most of them don't know when they end so they habitually put things off until it's almost time to turn it in. However, no matter how many things we put off for later, there's one crucial thing most beginners like to always put first in their life. Like that intangible thing called love.
    But for one person, things like love is more like a work in progress. Take it from Francisco Heronimo who learned this lesson personally when he was in high-school. But everything has a start, and Francisco's start began a few months before he graduated from middle school.
Tap tap tap!
    It was an early winter morning and one middle-schooler didn't seem affected by it as he speedwalked his way towards the classrooms of the highschool he planned on going to. Alexander's Elite Preparatory Academy, or AEPA for short. It was the day of the testing for the eighth graders from middle schools like St. Therese of Lisieux Mi
:iconsmiley2bsapphire:Smiley2BSapphire 1 0
- Kettaro's Kiritorisen - Chapter 2 -
Earlier -
    "What's a pretty girl like you singing up here all by yourself?" Keita asked with a small smile towards the wide-eyed girl looking at him. After a few seconds, the girl's face grew into a widening smirk as she crossed her arms and leaned against the rails he rooftop had to offer. Then she said the unimaginable.
    "I know why you're here, don't act so innocent, you stalker!" The girl said confidently, her (h/c) hair slightly swaying in the wind as Keita's jaw nearly dropped to the ground.
    "W-wait, what did you just call me!?"Keita exclaimed, his eyes bugging out as he couldn't believe what he just heard.

- Currently -
    "I call it as I see it Stalker-San. I've seen you before, following me around and stuff, don't you dare deny it!" The girl accused, getting close to Keita's face and boldly pointing an accusing finger at him. That was when Keita saw a stunning sight, it was the girl's (e/c) eyes. Earlier h
:iconsmiley2bsapphire:Smiley2BSapphire 1 0
- My (Fake) Husband, Pokota - Chapter 10 -
Earlier -
    "Huh, I didn't know it was this late already." Pokota mumbled to himself as he noticed that the sun was starting to set behind him. But that didn't matter, there was still light outside and he still needed to send a message out. Once Pokota knew he was near his destination, he pulled out his phone and quickly sent a message before putting his phone back in and began to wait.
- ?????'s POV -
Ding! You have a new message!
Hey, can you come meet me at the neighborhood park in a few minutes? I got into a fight with a close friend and I want to release some steam. - Pokota
    "A fight huh... I might as well see how it happened."

Presently with ____ -chan
Knock, knock, knock!
    "Go away Kuro-chan. I'm mad and sulking it out right now." I said, leaning as comfortably as I could in the corner of Pokota's room where I currently stayed in.
    Oh Pokota. What was wrong with him earlier? Before meeting Tak-Tak earlier h
:iconsmiley2bsapphire:Smiley2BSapphire 4 7
Cute Cow's Easter Surprise by Smiley2BSapphire Cute Cow's Easter Surprise :iconsmiley2bsapphire:Smiley2BSapphire 3 33
- Kettaro's Kiritorisen - Chapter 1 -
    Keita Ichikata knew he that he was popular, and he enjoyed every minute of it. Being a part of a group of people that looked up to him made him feel good, but sometimes he liked to be by himself once in a while. When that happens, he would always escape to the roof and just stroll around, enjoying the quietness of being alone and the fresh breeze, before going back to his group of friends who always kept him feeling like he was needed. But on his third year at St. Smiley Gakuen, it looked like Keita wasn't the only one who frequently made stops to the rooftop to cool down from the hustle and bustle of life...
... And that one chance encounter seemed to change Keita's world from that point on.
    It all started a few days after school started for Keita Ichikata, the third-year Vice President of Student Council, who was starting to get tired of seeing his friends Jun Hit
:iconsmiley2bsapphire:Smiley2BSapphire 4 6
- My Tutor and I - Mi-chan x Reader - Part 3 -
    For a few hours, that was all Yuma had to do. Explain things over to ____ until she got it and maybe write some problems on paper so he could see if she understood it completely. Yuma was glad to see that ____ was a fast learner, or should he say re-learner? Whatever it was called, it was clear to him that all ____ needed was a clearer understanding of the lessons.
    "I can't believe that we're done with all of the stuff we went over!" ____ said, looking up at Yuma gratefully once they went over the last section she didn't know well.
    Yuma has never seen anyone like ____ look so happy to be done with anything in his life. Scratch that. Yuma's seen Hajime look like he was given another chance to live whenever he just convinced Kaname to not let him wear one of Kaname's bloomers. Well technically, Hajime's pride was given another chance to live whenever that happens. It's not exactly something to be proud about when wearing bloomers at school. Unles
:iconsmiley2bsapphire:Smiley2BSapphire 0 0
Piko's Valentine's Day Pancakes
    When Piko woke up the next day, he woke up to finding his girlfriend of one year, ____, nestled up to him with his arms protectively wrapped around her, pulling her close to him. The weird thing though, is that Piko was pretty sure ____ went to bed in her room last night, not his. But this isn't really the time to complain though, it's time to wake up.
    "Hey, ____-chan, wake up dear, it's morning." Piko murmured softly while nudging ____'s head with the hand that wasn't trying to tame his nasty bedhead. He felt really glad that ____ didn't care about his bedhead in the morning, because to him, his bedhead was pretty bad. His hair was all over the place and it would usually take a long time for it to be properly tamed for other people to see, not that he would let anyone who wasn't close to him see his bedhead.
    "Nngh, I don't wanna~ my Piko Pillow is so soft, cuddly, and warm~" ____ said, hugging his waist a little tightly while Piko blushed brig
:iconsmiley2bsapphire:Smiley2BSapphire 10 4
Mafumafu, Maid for a Day!
    "Whoo, I'm pooped, work was busier than usual today. I can't wait to get home and have a nice cup of tea and have some snacks..." I said to myself, wiping some beads of sweat from my forehead as I headed home. When I unlocked the door and walked inside I heard a familiar voice call out from behind me.
    "W-Welcome home M-Mistress!" that voice... I whirled around to almost want to pinch myself to make sure what I was seeing was reality and not a dream.
    There, in front of me, stood my friend Mafumafu dressed up in a maid outfit. It was complete with a dark blue knee-high dress, a crisp white pinafore over it, a white frill headpiece on Mafumafu's head, and a matching apron. Mafumafu was bowing deeply, but I was still able to see a bright blush on his cheeks as he straightened up to face me.
    "Mistress? What the hell Mafumafu!? What's with that getup?" I asked, putting one hand on my hip while I slung my bag over my shoulder as I stared
:iconsmiley2bsapphire:Smiley2BSapphire 21 3
- Chapter 9 - My (Fake) Husband, Pokota -
- Pokota's POV -
    "Man, what's taking her so long? It shouldn't be that long to just tell if you want to stay with a fiance or not." 96neko whined as she reread her magazine the third time that day.
    Ever since 96neko met ____, she has decided to take it upon herself and stay in my house as well. 96neko says it's because she wants to go and give ____ support and also because she didn't want to leave me in the house alone with ____. But I think that 96neko is just crashing at my house because she's avoiding Vip. Tenchou and Kogeinu, who are still waiting for her to choose between them.
    "I'm not sure myself, but I'm glad I'm able to get some things done before she comes back. If ____-chan is going to be staying here for the time being, I might as well spruce things up." I said as I sat down near her. I was also appreciating the fact that even though 96neko was at my house for the time being, there was no dog-loving virgins or any ecce
:iconsmiley2bsapphire:Smiley2BSapphire 6 3
- The Dog, the Librarian, and the Bookshelves -

- The Dog, the Librarian, and the Bookshelves - Valshe x Minato (or Tourai) -
    Clang! Clang!
    The bell over the door of the recently opened library clanged loudly as it announced it's next customer, making Minato feel grateful that there wasn't that many people inside in the first place.
    Since Minato was sick the day the library was originally opened, he had never gotten the chance to check it out before. But today was his lucky day, because he was in need of a few books he needed for an upcoming book report due a few weeks from now. Minato heard from a close friend that this particular library had a great selection of books, so if Minato couldn't find anything good in this library, he would have to just grab some random book and wing it. As much as Minato would like to try writing a book report about a random book he found, he wanted to see the new library and give it a try also.
    Now that Minato was actually inside
:iconsmiley2bsapphire:Smiley2BSapphire 2 0
- My (Fake) Husband, Pokota - Chapter 8 -
Earlier ~
    "So you knew he was a playboy all along huh? I-I know someone like that too. But she didn't become a flirt like your ex-fiancée. She... became a professional actress." Takeshi said as my eyes widened.

    "Oh! What's her name?" I asked softly as the shock of Takeshi's words hit me hard. To find that someone else knew my pain of being cheated on... It made Takeshi much better in my eyes.
    Just because he was good-looking didn't change my view about him as being a candidate for marriage. It certainly helped when bragging about to other people but right now... It made no difference. I look for the good qualities in everyone, which was how I fell in love with Kiyoto to start with, and the better the good qualities I found are, the better I think of someone. Go ahead and call me judgemental but I think it's better to judge someone by their actions than judging others by their looks.
    "Hanakoto Yuri-San [1], her stage n
:iconsmiley2bsapphire:Smiley2BSapphire 8 49
Chibi! Vip. Tenchou by Smiley2BSapphire Chibi! Vip. Tenchou :iconsmiley2bsapphire:Smiley2BSapphire 1 0
Smiley*2G x Reader - Babysitter for a Day - Part 2
- Smiley*2G x Reader – Babysitter for a Day - Part 2 -
Earlier –
     “Oh, uh, well, you said there’s eight of them right? Where do you think the other five boys are?” ____ asked while a series of plodding feet came over to the living room and a low whirring sound could be heard.
     “WATCH OUT!”

   A toy black car with white animal paw print decals [1] was heading towards Shiro Nemoto and ____ at a hurried speed. There were at least five toddlers, either inside the car or running after the car, but all of the toddlers were screaming. Those toddlers could be screaming out of joy, happiness, or were just so scared of getting hurt. Shiro and ____ couldn’t tell.
     “WATCH OUT!” Shiro yelled, taking a running leap towards ____. Shiro wrapped his arms around ____’s waist, shielding her from the incoming toy car, when
:iconsmiley2bsapphire:Smiley2BSapphire 9 125
- My (Fake) Husband, Pokota - Chapter 7 -
    "Are you nervous ____-chan?" Pokota asked me as I fiddled with my hands nervously.
    "Nah, I'm just about to meet this big-shot business man my parents set up without my knowing, no big deal." I said sarcastically, making Pokota chuckle.
    "I'm not sure if he's a big-shot business man but hey, if he is wouldn't that make him an even better husband? He can pay the bills and stuff with the money he makes there, and I'm sure it's a lot." Pokota said with a teasing smile. I wanted to nearly throw the little black stuffed chihuahua Pokota had in his car at him. I was about to when Pokota immediately changed the topic.
    "You remember the plan right? Or do I have to go over it with you?" Pokota asked me as he kept his eyes on the road. Last night, while Pokota's friends were over, we discussed the rest of the plan for in case I didn't want to marry Tak-Tak.
    "Refresh my memory if you will Poko-tan." I said.
:iconsmiley2bsapphire:Smiley2BSapphire 5 97


Nagisa Shiota [ansatsu kyoushitsu] by PiaSenpai Nagisa Shiota [ansatsu kyoushitsu] :iconpiasenpai:PiaSenpai 41 3 Elsa in Thai dress by asuka111 Elsa in Thai dress :iconasuka111:asuka111 4,038 100 Swirling Rainbow by asuka111 Swirling Rainbow :iconasuka111:asuka111 5,069 142 Mawarine Shuu by pandikku Mawarine Shuu :iconpandikku:pandikku 315 7 Cosette (Modern) by MaedhrosMignonette Cosette (Modern) :iconmaedhrosmignonette:MaedhrosMignonette 4 0 Eliza by MaedhrosMignonette Eliza :iconmaedhrosmignonette:MaedhrosMignonette 13 2 Carlotta (The Phantom of the Opera) by MaedhrosMignonette Carlotta (The Phantom of the Opera) :iconmaedhrosmignonette:MaedhrosMignonette 6 0 Elise and Arno by MaedhrosMignonette Elise and Arno :iconmaedhrosmignonette:MaedhrosMignonette 6 2 The Schuyler Sisters by MaedhrosMignonette The Schuyler Sisters :iconmaedhrosmignonette:MaedhrosMignonette 43 7 Laurien (my OC) by MaedhrosMignonette Laurien (my OC) :iconmaedhrosmignonette:MaedhrosMignonette 11 14 Christine (Love Never Dies) by MaedhrosMignonette Christine (Love Never Dies) :iconmaedhrosmignonette:MaedhrosMignonette 16 6 Elise de la Serre Chibi (Assassin's Creed Unity) by MaedhrosMignonette Elise de la Serre Chibi (Assassin's Creed Unity) :iconmaedhrosmignonette:MaedhrosMignonette 13 12 Anyone as trusting or as kind by MaedhrosMignonette Anyone as trusting or as kind :iconmaedhrosmignonette:MaedhrosMignonette 10 2 leaning over -MxD as human by marsbarrl leaning over -MxD as human :iconmarsbarrl:marsbarrl 751 43 Rwby : Dude by ENwings Rwby : Dude :iconenwings:ENwings 40 2 RWBY - It's a combat skirt! by Zhenya-Chan RWBY - It's a combat skirt! :iconzhenya-chan:Zhenya-Chan 232 29


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Now on to my main point, I have a Skype account! You can add and find me as Strawbella_Sapphire

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- I DO have some ideas for some new fanfics though like:
Shoose and Reader-chan go on a date and accidents ensue
Dasoku and Reader-chan go on a group date against their wills and encounter something they both didn't expect...?
Mucchi works in a butler cafe and doesn't know what to do when the hired entertainment bails on him!?
ShonenT is in the middle of a songwriter's block and goes to relax in his favorite cafe when he sees his ex from highschool with another guy
Sekihan and Reader-chan are spending a nice time together out in the park during the fall

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